Tomsk, Russia

Tomsk is a town out in Siberia about 1,700 miles and three time zones east of Moscow (making it 13 hrs ahead of Albuquerque). November is a much better time of year to visit than January or February. While we were there, there was about 1 ft of snow on the ground and the weather was similar to a cold winter day in Missouri. But winter is much longer and colder than in the Midwest.

This is in front of the lab we visited. Lots of trees and snow.

We took a shortcut from one building to the next through the trees.

This is the hotel we stayed in. It was nice, small, and very warm. They don't seem to like being cold. They tend to eat lots of soup and crank up the heat. The hotel room was about 85o F.

This was the view from my hotel room window. I actually had to open it a couple times to cool off.

Russian pool is much harder than a simple game of 8-ball. A nine foot table with abnormally small pockets and large balls. You don't sink many slop shots! To make things possible, every ball can be used as a cue ball and you can try to hit in any ball. First to sink half the balls wins. I'm sure there are other games, but these were the rules they taught us.

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Created 17 Dec 05