Moscow, Russia

We arrived in Moscow on the anniversary of the communist revolution, which until this year was a national holiday. There was a parade down the street in front of our hotel and probably as many police and military people along the streets as people in the parade. While in Moscow we had time to visit Red Square, tour part of the Kremlin, go to a couple museums and Cathedrals, and do some shopping. Oh, and do a little work too. I made the background a grey cloud pattern because it was cloudy and gloomy the whole time we were in Moscow.

A few of the soldiers along the street before the parade. We saw some of the preparations for the parade but used some of the underground walkways to get back to the hotel and missed the parade. It must not have been very big.

Looking down Tverskaya street in front of the hotel.

The escalators leading down to the Metro (subway) are very long, steep and move much faster than the average escalator in the US.

Each Metro station has a long hallway for boarding with a unique design. Many have large arches and look more like part of a castle than the subway. I was told that the Communists built the stations this way to inspire the people as they traveled to work. These pictures are of a newly remodeled station, and thus by far the cleanest I saw.

The Armory Museum, inside the Kremlin, has many cases of gold and jewels.

I liked the sleigh carriage.

We toured this large Cathedral which was destroyed by the communists and rebuilt about 10 yrs ago with the same design as the original. There are many many Russian Orthodox churches in Moscow, most of which have large onion shaped gold domes.

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Created 17 Dec 05